Would You Wear… Grown Up Glitter?

I am of the mindset that a day wearing glitter and sequins is a good day indeed but Glamazons how do you feel about grown up glitter?

Yes, the glitter you played with (and got everywhere) as a child—the kind that decorated the pink sneakers you insisted on buying at the mall—is a certifiable fashion trend.

Clearly Uncle Karl is a fan, he sent glitter blazers down his runway for his resort 2011 collection. Yes, I said resort collection. Glitter tends to show up a lot during the holidays, but lately, they seem to be prominent even in the summer months.

Kim Kardashian wore a gold somewhat trashy but glitter none-the-less dress to the Grammys this year. Jennifer Lopez showed off her mile long legs in a glitter skirt earlier this year at a Gillette Venus event. Even Nicki Minaj’s Fairy Godmother brought her glittery Christian Louboutins.

If you want to get in on the action, these tips should help you not feel like a disco ball:

-Limit your glitter to one piece per outfit.

-Balance the boldness of the glitter with wardrobe staples like chambray or jeans.

-If you are wearing glitter clothing, stick to really basic accessories. You don’t want to compete with the shine.

What say you? Would you wear grown up glitter?

If so, shop these glittery finds:




Glamazon Channing

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