Shop: Cute Gloves, Scarves and Hats In Time for the Polar Vortex


Glamazons! We’re getting our first drop of snow and I’m already over “Old Man Winter.” I hoped the snow would hold off until January. Wishful thinking, huh?

I’m not ready for winter weather but the snow seems to be here to stay. At the top of my shopping list are winter accessories. Gloves, scarves, and winter hats that will help keep me warm this winter but will still look cute when I bundle up. I’m all about functional fashion. You, too? Check out these cute selects.


In the world of smart phones and touch screens, it’s important that my next pair of gloves come equipped with two-tone figures that will allow me to interact on my iPhone. Here are a few of my faves plus I threw the regular kind in there too.



This season, I’m in love with faux fur infinity scarves: super luxe, stylish and warm. And of course, oversized printed scarves are a perennial favorite.



Winter hats are getting a makeover. Beanies are now decked out in embellishments, lace and fur. Cover your head in style!


Glamazons, are you prepared for the winter weather? Do these fun accessories make the winter a little bit easier to endure?

Fashionably yours,

Glamazon Jamiese

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