Ask The Glamazons: What Men Should Wear If It Ever Gets Warm

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Jemar asked The Glamazons and Urban Sybaris founder, Faith on Twitter:

Well, since we believe there is nothing better than a well dressed man (well, maybe shoes) and a man that is confident in his style, we’re happy to help!

As we transition into spring, there are certain trends that are going to be popping up everywhere, and I would be a bad Glamazon if I didn’t share the trends that matter with you boys. These are the additions you need to make to your wardrobe:

A Cool Cardigan

Especially now, with the unpredictable weather we are having, it is best to dress in layers. One of the layers should be a cardigan in a cool print or color. That makes it so much better than your basic black one.

Grey Jeans

Grey jeans are the new blue jeans. They look dressier than blue denim making them more versatile i.e. wear them on Casual Fridays, to afterwork parties, on a date, wherever!

Something Red


The quickest way to update your wardrobe for the warmer months is to add a touch of red! A pop of color really wakes up your look and energizes the basic pieces you already own.

Something Blue

This spring and summer are going to be all about color if you can’t tell! Besides black, blue is a perennially cool color. Think a dark blue linen blazer  with a pair of grey jeans.

A Khaki Suit

No one wants to be trapped in a suit when it’s hot out! That’s why you can swap out your heavier suits for one made of khaki in neutral, navy or black. Skip the tie for a more laid back vibe.

Double Breasted Sportcoat

Obviously, you can’t bring a peacoat into warm weather so allow the double breasted sport coat to fill its void. You’ll thank me when you see how polished you look.


Stripes are always so much fun! Casual guys can wear a striped polo shirt on the weekend. More adventurous men can mix a striped shirt with a striped suit (careful though, you don’t want the stripes to match!). Either way, the look is very trendy and right now.

Linen Suit

The only way to be cool in the heat. Literally.

I scoured the web for best options so shop our fave finds here:



Calling all men! Are you feeling these trends? Girls, are these trends something you would like to see your man in?


Glamazon Channing

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