#GlamazonChat: Why Are Stores Like Topshop And Express Getting SO Expensive?


Have you noticed fast fashion prices are getting more expensive? We started shopping at stores like Express, Topshop, and Forever 21 because they’re, well, affordable. But lately, it seems the budget-friendly brands we love are getting more and more pricey. What gives?

I’ll admit: it caught me off guard when I first noticed the price increase. Like many shoppers, I’ve grown accustomed to the affordability of fast fashion. Shopping at my favorite fast fashion stores, I can be on trend without investing a ton of money. Of course, that also means that the quality of clothing isn’t impeccable. But given the low price point, I’m totally OK with that.

So why change a system that wasn’t broken in the first place? Apparently, in an effort to escape their reputation for trendy one-time-wear garments, fast fashion brands are now adding investment pieces made with better quality.

Retailers like Topshop create capsule collections that provide a runway-worthy look at slightly (and in some cases, significantly) higher prices.

They believe that selling expensive pieces alongside affordable finds will translate to more sales. The goal is to appeal to shoppers with different budgets, making their stores a one-stop shop for high-end and fast fashion options.

It could be a sound business model but only time will tell if consumers actually embrace this change.

Glamazons, have you noticed the price increase? How do you feel about it? Let’s chat in the comments.


Esta Fiesta

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  • Amanda A

    I have noticed the capsule collections at TopShop and Express. I haven’t notice a price increase at Forever21 though. I might have not noticed it because when I shop on the online website; I immediately set the price filter so I won’t even look that way.. LBVS!!

    • Hahaha! I usually set my price filters before online shopping as well! What do you think of the capsule collections at TopShop and Express? Are they worth it?

      • Amanda A

        I like the Express Capsule collection. The quality is good so I think it’s worth it. I’m not sure about TopShop because I only high-waist jeans and shoes from there.

        • To be honest I don’t know that I notice a huge difference in the quality of Topshop’s regular clothing vs their capsule collections. I do think the Express pieces with real leather and fur are more worth it.

          • Amanda A

            True, true

  • I don’t really shop at the other two stores, but I do at Forever 21. I think part of the reason they are getting more expensive is because they’ve added more outside brands to site. For example the brand Tiger Mist is sold on it and it’s a higher priced line…

  • Toya T

    Wow. I noticed but really didn’t realize that these stores were purposely selling higher priced items. I always thought the higher priced clothes I found at these stores were short-term featured brands.