Hairfinity, Biotin or Viviscal: Which Hair Growth Vitamin Should I Try?



Did I tell you I recently cut my hair? I had split ends that just had to go and I wanted my ‘fro to be a cool shape so the scissors had to come out (via a salon visit, I’m not ready to do it myself just yet!).

I’m obsessed with the shape of my new ‘fro but I’d be lying if I said I don’t crave big, voluminous hair a la my Glamazon godmother, Diana Ross. To that end, I’ve been doing protective styles for awhile to grow my hair back to my original length, and maybe even a little longer. And that should work given how fast my hair grew before I cut it off.

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Let’s look back at a timeline, shall we?


Here I am after my big chop circa 2011:


The TWA stage:


My curly mini ‘fro in 2012:


Seeing some length in 2013:


Here’s my stretched and medium-sized ‘fro in all its glory in 2013 (Mama misses you!):


My hair after my cut in 2014:


So over brunch, I mentioned my growth plan to my good friends and told them that in an ideal, perfect world my hair would be grown out for summer. This brunch was in early April.

And they were all: get you some hair growth vitamins in your life! As it turns out, one of my friends was using Viviscal (a doctor recommended it to her!) and the other was using Hairfinity. And after some digging, I learned my roommate was using Biotin. Oh, the decisions!

I’ve heard varying reports of side effects for each which range from trouble sleeping to acne to hair growth everywhere so I’m not sure which one I should take.

Here’s a breakdown of three hair growth vitamins I’m considering:


Biotin, also known as vitamin H or coenzyme R, is a water- soluble B vitamin.
Benefits: hair growth, increases the elasticity of the hair’s cortex which prevents breakage, helps produce keratin which prevents hair loss, strengthens nails, aids in stretch mark removal
Potential Side Effects: There are no known side effects of biotin but some users have reported acne outbreaks.

Price: $11 for 90 liquid softgels, available here


Viviscal is a dietary supplement scientifically formulated with shark cartilage and the exclusive marine complex AminoMar™, which nourishes hair during the Anagen phase of the hair growth cycle.
Benefits: nourishes thinning hair, promotes existing hair growth from within
Potential Side Effects: There are no known side effects of viviscal but some users have reported cystic acne, sleep problems and rapid hair growth in other locations requiring shorter intervals between shaving/waxing.

Price: $40 for 60 tablets, available here


Hairfinity is a hair vitamin formulated with hair specific nutrients including Biotin, Niacin (Vitamin B3) and the EXCLUSIVE CAPILSANA™ COMPLEX (a unique blend of Hydrolyzed Collagen, MSM, and Silica).
Benefits: nourishes hair from the inside out, promotes faster growing, longer, thicker, stronger hair, and more vibrant hair.
Potential Side Effects: There are no known side effects of hairfinity but some users have reported acne and rapid hair growth in other locations.

Price: $24 for one month supply, available here

Have you guys tried any of these vitamins? What was your experience? Tell me in the comments. I’ll definitely let you know which vitamin I decide to use and will chronicle my growth on this blog!

P.S. I know you know this already but #Imjustsayin hair vitamins alone won’t give you your desired ‘fro without proper maintenance and care. Check out my tips for growing and retaining length in natural hair here.


Glamazon Jessica

Disclaimer: Consult a qualified health care provider before using hair vitamins. Use at your own risk.

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  • modadossier

    I’m pro-hairfinity. Been using it since before it became so popular – especially when my hair broke off REALLY bad. It’s been majorly good to me. I noticed a major change – from hair growth to shedding etc. I would recommend to never take it on an empty stomach though. The times I have, I got a short headache some time after. Biotin for me is a close second, it pretty much does the same thing. My sister takes that since going natural and her hair has been growing like crazy and getting thicker.

    • Thanks for this! Good to know not to take Hairfinity on an empty stomach. Will keep that in mind. Also, I love that your sister’s hair is thicker from Biotin – I could definitely use some help in that department. xx

  • MilaXX

    I use biotin. I’m vegetarian and have a severe vertigo disorder called BPPV so when I am too dizzy to cook, I may skip meals or only have a smoothie. So I take a multi-vitamin and biotin to make sure I am getting ample protein. The only change I have noticed is my finger nails grow better. I honestly can’t say I see a change in my hair. I am interested in the other 2 vitamins you posted since I see signs of thinning due to menopause.

    • Interesting that can you use biotin as a protein supplement. How often do you take it? I hear Viviscal works well for thinning – also, researching one more and adding it to this post “mane choice,” i heard the reviews on youtube are good.

      • MilaXX

        I take it daily. It’s not a protein replacement, but it helps your body metabolize protein better. If it’s a bad day I want something that will maximize my protein shakes. I did some reading on the other 2 you list. I can’t take Viviscal because it contains shark cartilage and I have a severe seafood allergy. I’d be interested to see the other one when you add it.

      • MilaXX

        You know what I’ve noticed? The hair vitamins are basically multi-vitamins with biotin added. My doctor always told me biotin works best when taken along with a multi-vitamin. If you already take a multivitamin, just add biotin to your routine and save some $$$ Most biotin pills come in 5000MCG dosages. I currently take 2 pills a day along with a multivitamin.

  • Toya T

    I have been using HairFinity since 2010 when I started my locs. My best friend recommended it. My hair has grown dramatically in a short period of time– retwist to retwist. I feel that it does cause some breakouts but nothing bad. Just need to drink more water.

    • OK thanks for sharing this. Do you take 2 pills a day or 1? I heard going down to 1 a day helps decrease breakouts.

      • Toya T

        I take 2 pills a day. I might try going down to 1 to see if there are any differences.

        • I think the breakouts may be a rare side effect because 1 girl out of a group of friends got the breakouts also from Hairfinity. It wasn’t major but it was noticeable for her.

          • Mb

            Hi just have a question ,what if I have one viviscal in the morning and one hairfinity in the evening

  • LexiWithTheCurls

    I am about to start using Hairfinity. I have a couple of bottles. We’ll see if I can stay consistent and see how I can document the growth.

    • I can’t wait to see how it works for you! I will be checking the blog regularly. Excited.

  • beauty maven

    Ive used biotin and my hair is so long now!

  • Portia

    I’ve been using Biotin for a while. I guess it helps my hair grow, but I’ve reached the point where I don’t know how long my hair really is because I don’t comb it or blow dry. I haven’t experienced any side effects, but people do say it makes hair all over your body grow faster. I haven’t noticed. And any brand works, I get the cheap Target brand.

  • I started using Hairfinity. I’m one week in. No major changes yet but I’ll certainly keep you posted one month in.

  • Michelle sprott

    ive used hairinfinty no noticeable side affects

  • Michelle sprott

    I actually went to trichologist phillip kingsley in midtown and experienced rapid hair growth with his shampoo conditioner diet and vitamin supplements. Pricey but worth it

  • Elana

    My hair is very thin at the edges and in the top of my head. I have been wearing wigs for the past 30 months. I am natural and color free. I started hairfinity with 1 biotin on July 2nd. I am going to take it at bedtime which was suggested by a you tube review posting. I will also be using biotin shampoo and conditioner. I purchased my super biotin 5000mcg on http://www.puritan‘, buy one get two free. I also purchased my Biotin shampoo and conditioner on their website as well. This is why I decided to use Hairfinity…

  • Travara used hairfinity for about 3 months and my hair has grown in length but it’s thinner. My hair is at the middle of my back already so I was really taking it just to make it fuller; to no avail. I didn’t notice any side affects. I guess I would recommend it based on what you’re trying to achieve…luck

    • Thanks for sharing that! I’ve noticed with hair growth vitamins (and even oils like castor) my hair grows in thinner. I would prefer thicker hair – wondering if any vitamins can help achieve that. I want a big old fro! LOL.

    • Thanks for sharing that! I’ve noticed with hair growth vitamins (and even oils like castor) my hair grows in thinner. I would prefer thicker hair – wondering if any vitamins can help achieve that. I want a big old fro! LOL.

  • Sophie Clark

    I’ve tried all of these hair growth products. Last year I tried Hairfinity, my hair grew a few inches maybe 3-4 in about 2-3 months. I was very pleased with my results. My friends were the ones who really took notice. I did not have any side effects to report. My hair has always been very thin and unfortunately Hairfinty did not make it any thicker.
    I then took Biotin 5,000mcg for the rest of the year as a daily supplement and to nourish my hair and keep it strong. I have a horrible battle with breakage. No (noticeable) growth or side effects with biotin.
    I heard of Viviscal for the first time about a week ago and decided I would like to try it. My first day taking Viviscal I had a head ache and I hadn’t had any recently. I am now on day 5 with Viviscal Extra strength and I haven’t had any more head aches, however, the headache from day 1 lasted 48 hours. In my personal opinion at THIS POINT of my journey, Hairfinity is my personal favorite.

    • Rashanda

      Too much biotin can make your ha fall out

  • Daphi

    I have Hairfinity but haven’t taken it yet. I am still finishing off my Hair Formula 37 vitamins which are good but 6 pills a day can be tiring. I’ve tried Viviscal in the past and LOVED it (1″+ in a month and my average is a little less than 1/2″) but only purchased it when I could get it on sale on or other sites.

  • Ck

    Hi, just wanted to chime in even though this is dated. I’ve been using viviscal for about 3 months, and have noticed that my hair is definitely thicker (I started noticing this right around my scalp as early as a month in). Haven’t noticed any dramatic growth as far as length yet, but I’m going to continue taking it for at least 6 months to see. Also noticed faster hair growth in other places.

  • Olivia Myrie

    I have tried a wide range of biotin hair vitamins, specifically the natures bounty biotin, it didn’t work for me. In terms of hair growth there was no improvement, and as expected with biotin hair vitamins my skin suffered from a lot of outbreaks.

  • Is there any vitamin supplement that helps in hair greying?

  • Beautified Lily

    I have tried Hair Infinity and it was amazing! I took that for 3 months. In conjunction with that I took Vitamin E pills. Now, I have been taking HairTamin. It is similar to Hair Infinity. So far, I like it. Neither have given me side effects. My hair has maintained itself with thickness, but grown in length. In addition, currently, I perform a natural remedy for 6 months natural with no heat or chemicals. It’s called a hair mask. It’s castor oil mixed with extra virgin olive oil (equal parts), and 4 drops of Vitamin E oil. Mix it, apply it solely to the scalp. Do not place throughout the hair or ends of hair. (Castor oil can actually pull strands of hair out if not careful.) Let soak in for 6 hours or more. Next, place shampoo on the exact same area (the scalp). Let set in for 5-10 minutes. Wash hair as normal. After washing hair, while still wet, put shea oil on ends of hair. This prevents breakage. Add a mix of coconut oil and extra virgin oil oil on scalp and throughout hair to maintain moisture, hair shine, and growth. I complete this process once a week.

    I have been doing the hair mask for the last 3 weeks. I am expecting to see growth within 6 months.

    Disclaimer: The hair mask was not originated by me. This was found on youtube for “growth with thicker and longer hair.”