Scandal Fashion Recap: Olivia Pope’s Burberry Trench Coat, Vince Leather Pants and Armani Blouse

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Is anyone still in tears from the latest episode of “Scandal”?


My heart shattered into a million pieces when Huck‘s son brought him that dollar…and at 7:52 am. *wall slides* Iyanla, fix my tears. I’m sending Shonda Rhimes my therapy bill.

As far as the fashion, the show focused on Olivia Pope in the hospital bed, reading President Fitz for blood and eschewing her usual winter white garb for a blue hospital gown. But we DID see her dressed to impress during two flashbacks from five years ago when she first met Huck.

Here’s the tea:

A throwback Olivia Pope put money in Homeless Huck‘s can in a Burberry ‘Bridgeford’ Trench coat in oyster:

Get it here:

And for less here:

She also chose some comfortable footwear for the D.C. subway system in a pair of Luxury Rebel ‘Violet’ boots in deep taupe:

Snag similar boots:

Livvie came back to give Homeless Huck a few more bucks in a pair of trendy Vince leather ankle zip leggings in elephant:

Buy them here:

And get them for less:

Finally, the present day Olivia Pope talked Huck out of his traumatic trance in a navy blouse by Armani:

Pick up a similar look here:

That’s it! Check out the plot over here at Luvvie‘s blog and great insider info at Scandal Moments. And as always, hit me with any more Olivia Pope outfit requests.

But guys…what. an. episode! The acting and writing was incredible, no? It felt like a movie the way it sent me on an emotional rollercoaster.

Poor Huck:


Want more “Scandal” style? Check out all our Olivia Pope fashion posts here.


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