5 Self-Care Tips to Survive the Holidays

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Glamazons, I’ll be honest: I’ve been feeling extremely overwhelmed and bogged down lately. Working full time, juggling freelance gigs, overcoming personal struggles, and attempting to find time just to relax every now and then is exhausting. And with the holidays approaching, things are bound to get a lot crazier.

During the holidays, we are so quick to give our time and energy to everyone around us that we end up feeling completely depleted ourselves. And as a person who prides myself on continuously showing up for my family and friends, I’m also guilty of not always putting me first. That’s where my self-care routine comes into play. Self-care is the only way I get through the end of the year madness without pulling my hair out. Taking a minute to simply focus on myself, be quiet with my thoughts and indulge in an activity I love are key to keeping my body rejuvenated and my spirit lifted.

I totally recommend implementing self care practices into your daily routine to help you feel better and avoid holiday season burnout. Obviously, we realize not everyone may have the means or time to practice all five of these, but even if you can take 10 minutes during your day to meditate or express gratitude, it can work wonders.

Here are five self care tips I follow during the holidays:

1. Exercise.

Over the past few months, I’ve been more focused on my health goals than ever. Even on my busiest days, I make sure to squeeze in a 30-45 minute exercise to declutter my thoughts and really get my heart pumping. If you plan a quick activity in the morning, it’ll set the tone for a productive and stress-free day. Plus you can do it before you start all that shopping, cooking and entertaining. Win, win.

2. Use the word “No.”

Whether attending office functions, hosting holiday parties, or hurrying to after-work soirees, holiday season equates to increased obligations for many. But when we agree to do too much, we not only compromise our emotional well-being but our health. That’s why I’m very selective with who and what I commit to. And because of this, I’m much happier and actually get some enjoyment out of the events I do decide to attend.

3. Disconnect.

I had to learn pretty early on that there is no reward for overworking at the expense of your own fulfillment. It’s so easy to get caught up in social media timelines, selfies and celebrity. Especially during the holidays when you want to snap your every move. But taking time to tune out and listen to yourself, just for one day, is necessary to reboot. One of my favorite ways to unwind is by sitting out on my patio relaxing with a cup of coffee. It works wonders. 

4. Express gratitude.

This one in particular is so hard for me. After a year of hardships and feeling like everything around me is in ruins, it hasn’t been easy finding a reason to be thankful. But the way we speak greatly affects our attitude. Celebrating small triumphs and showing appreciation for those who are present in our corner is needed. By acknowledging the positivity in your life instead of the negatives, you’ll put yourself in a better mindset.

5. Get some rest.

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a night owl. I used to brag about being able to survive off the least amount of sleep possible. Until I woke up one day and my body was like, “Girl, you thought.” During the holiday season, getting enough sleep is next to impossible because you want to catch just one more sale, go out for just a few more drinks. Trust me, I get it. But making it a priority to give your body some rest will ensure you wake up feeling energized, refreshed and ready to start your day.

How do you manage stress during the holidays? What are your best self-care tips? I’d love to hear from you!

Keeping It Fashionable,

Glamazon Briea

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