The Birthday Gown of My Dreams (Plus Rent The Runway Hacks) #OOTD

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Gown: Slate & Willow via Rent The Runway | Shoes: Christian Louboutin (Similar)


I had the most amazing birthday this year. I spent time in Vegas with my family and felt so loved and refreshed that I’m now wondering why I don’t take a family trip every year (more on this later). One of my go-to shopping haunts before trips — whether I’m headed to Vegas or Palm Springs for Coachella — is always Rent the Runway. I love it because sometimes you just need a gorgeous gown or a statement clutch just for one moment — not forever. And you can try out new looks and trends without commitment, and if you don’t like it, just send it back. Since I shop Rent The Runway a lot, a lot, I’ve learned a few hacks that make your experience that much better:

1. If you’re near a location, have your package delivered to the shop so you can try it on, and immediately return it (and exchange for something else!) if it doesn’t fit.
2. Research designer sizes before renting a piece. They vary and sometimes, they run small. That way, you can avoid disappointment when you ship a dress right before an event — only to find out it doesn’t fit.
3. Choose your return date for Sunday. Since UPS is closed then, you can buy yourself an extra day and return Monday without being charged.
4. Stalk, and I mean, stalk their clearance sales. They sell designer finds for next to nothing prices. I got my favorite Kate Spade dress from one.

Know any other Rent The Runway hacks? Would love to hear from you in the comments! And P.S. how gorgeous is this gown? Happy birthday to me!


Glamazon Jessica

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