What To Wear When It’s Too Hot To Function #OOTD

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I’m not going to dare complain — as I’ve been waiting for summer all year — but the heat is pretty oppressive these days. It’s SO hot in fact I walk around with a portable fan, which my friends refer to as my own personal wind machine, a la Beyoncé. The temperature begs the question — when it’s too hot to function, what are you supposed to wear?! Especially if you have to go some place that’s not the beach, so walking around in a swimsuit and a cover-up is not an option. I consider myself somewhat of a pro when it comes to this predicament, since I’m always traveling to New Orleans in the heat of the summer (aka July 4th weekend) and barely surviving! Here are a few tips I picked up on my days in Nola which feel like I’m hanging out inside someone’s oven.

4 Tips for Surviving Hot Weather

1. Pay attention to material.

Heavy fabrics are an absolute no when the weather is blazing. Opt for airy materials like chiffon, chambray, linen, seersucker, georgette and yes, cotton.

2. You can do longer lengths.

I love a good maxi dress when it’s warm out, because it feels like I’m walking around with my own personal breeze. If you’re weary of long dresses in the summer, go for a well-ventilated style: this H&M dress has a high slit but you can also try options with an open back, side cutouts or even perforated material.

3. Opt for light colors.

Believe it or not, darker hues can actually make you hotter. Black absorbs the most heat, making you a walking sweat magnet. If you live in NYC, for me, that’s a lot to ask since we LIVE in black, but trust me, it’s for the best. Lighter colors like pastels, brights and whites will keep you MUCH cooler.

4. Take a break from fitted silhouettes.

No matter how short the dress, body-cons will make you even hotter during the summer months. The stuffy fabric is like a second skin, and we can’t think of anything more sweat-inducing. It’s all about airy pieces, like swingy skirts, flowing maxis, flared dresses, loose-fitting rompers, wideleg culottes, sheer blouses, and the list goes on.

Hope these tips help! Stay cool, Glamazons.

Dress: H&M | Shoes: Zara | Hoop Earrings: Nordstrom Rack


Glamazon Jessica

Photographed by Augusta Sagnelli on location in New Orleans

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