ASK THE GLAMAZONS: Beyonce’s 7/11 Video Fashion Credits

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Another weekend, another instance of those Knowles/Carter/Ferguson girls breaking the internet. Last week it was Solange getting betrothed in a royal wedding in my favorite city of New Orleans, and this week, it’s Beyonce‘s two new tracks and an adorable video for 7/11.


Can I be transparent here? I’ve loved Queen Bey since she sang “No, No, No” (“this is the remix!”) with blonde and brown cornrows and a black crop top. But when she went solo, I couldn’t connect with her as much as I did when she was in Destiny’s Child. I couldn’t help but wish she showed more of her personality. The self-titled record, Beyonce, was the first album where I feel like she truly opened up and was vulnerable, sassy, nurturing, angry, jealous, loving and brilliant. She’s continuing to let her guard down and the 7/11 video proves it.

beyonce-twerk-7-11-video-2 beyonce-twerk-7-11-video

She’s at her sexiest and silliest, twerking in underwear in her hotel room and being her fun, Houstonian self. I can totally connect with that!


As for the song, even #BabyBrownSugar loves it; she was bopping, shaking her head and raising her hands as it played. Bey has another hit on her hands!

Check the video:

Reader Janice M. wrote in asking for the credit for Beyonce‘s visor. So as I do with all videos I love, I found that fashion credit and more so I can justify watching it on repeat everyone can get the look. Check them out:

Beyonce danced on the balcony in a Suburban Riot ‘Kale’ sweatshirt:


She twerked in a Mother Ivy League Square Sweatshirt:


BB sipped from a red cup in a Joyrich LA Playboy white and black checkered sweater:


Bey meditated on being fresher than you in a Versace oversized lock necklace:


And a WXYZ Jewelry visor crown:


Mrs. Carter had an early Christmas celebration in a Tyson Boxing 1984 tee:


and her own “Cake by the Pound” sweatshirt:


So cute!

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Will add more credits as I find them! Have any more requests? Leave them in the comments.

Get the look from the 7/11 video with these pieces:


Werque, Bey.


Glamazon Jessica

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