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Take it from someone who loves to travel: the best way to get to know a city is through the people. I could’ve only stayed with my friends while in New Orleans, or flew home right after Essence Festival without a couple more days to give the city my undivided attention. But my experience was so much richer for staying and talking to strangers (my favorite pastime).


Most of the strangers I met were in cabs, and they all had the most fascinating tidbits of information to share. One confirmed that a restaurant I partied at the night before was haunted by a man who lost his house in a gambling bet and killed himself instead of telling his wife. The restaurant staff so believes that the man’s spirit dwells in their establishment that they leave one table open every night for him.


Another cab driver? He recommended that I return in October for Halloween in New Orleans, where the costumes and tours, make the entire city feel like a haunted house. He also shared that he moved from New York City and had coined a term for his relocation “Big Stress to Big Easy.” How perfect.


The last one? She told me her theory that the levees were blown up during Hurricane Katrina, revealing that survivors reported back that they heard the explosion. She thinks it was a part of a gentrification plan.  She also predicted that former Mayor Ray Nagin would get sentenced to ten years this week, and he was. She’s creating a Tumblr called In My New Orleans Cab, which will be the 2014 version of “Driving Miss Daisy.” Since Nola is home to the most personable, fascinating and dynamic people, and I can only imagine the stories she’ll tell on her blog.


I love New Orleans for the architecture, the energy, the culture, the food, the history, the friendly people I strike up endless conversation with, and the walls (a la Solange). I LIVE for the walls.


Here are four other reasons Nola has my heart, now and forever. What’s your favorite city and what do you love about it? Tell me everything in the comments!



Dress: Boohoo | Sunglasses: Boohoo | Flats: Zara (sold out but love these) | Bracelet: alice + eve | Lipstick: MAC Cosmetics


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