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You know what I love, more than anything, about New York City? The freedom. You can practically smell it in the air when you’re walking through neighborhoods like The Village or Chelsea. You see it in the girl with rainbow-colored spiky hair strolling through Tribeca or the guy in lace-up boots and a man purse stomping through Meat-Packing. And it’s contagious.


Before I moved here, I would never imagine wearing a tutu skirt…outside. Now, that seems silly because a big full skirt is so natural to me: it’s the style that I love. When I was younger, it was all about blending in and wearing what everyone else deemed was acceptable: tees with a logo, fitted jeans, Timberland boots (which I always found painful…and I wear heels all the time) and the list goes on. And nothing’s wrong with any of those styles (and I love looking back at the outfits I wore and thought I was so cute in). But I had to leave and grow up a bit to find a style that really felt like me.


And what’s ‘me’? Well, I learned that my love of being a girl materialized in clothes that are super feminine (see: tutu skirts) but I also have a lot of attitude and bite in my personality (stay around long enough…you’ll see it) which lends itself to edgy. Very Sandra Dee at the end of “Grease” if she was wearing a midi skirt instead of leather pants.


Anyway, I was wearing this the other day at Lincoln Center when I met up with a cutie that works near by. The first thing he said when he saw me? “Wow, is that a tutu? You’re doing the most.” Really? Because I feel like I’m just wearing what I love. Bye ashy.


No really, I’m always randomly wearing tutu skirts (except when I’m in sweats) and it’s just moi. I wrote for Essence once about changing how you dress for others, and I just don’t feel the need to do that at this point in my life. Besides if he doesn’t like tutus, we’d never work anyway. It’s better to know that now because they’re not going anywhere.


If I had things my way, I’d always wear full midi skirts, and leopard, and comfy heels everyday (except for the days that I want to wear sweats, of course). It may be over-the-top to some people but it feels like freedom to me.



What do you think, guys? Do you have clothes that turn guys off a la Man Repeller? Do you wear them anyway?

Top: ASOS | Skirt: ASOS (sold out but here it is in navyalso love this one) | Shoes: JustFab


Glamazon Jessica

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  • Nika

    It wasn’t until I moved to another city that I learned to really appreciate that NY freedom…there’s none like it, and I love that about NY, it breeds creativity and self-expression. I love the tutu skirt! You look like an absolute doll

    • Aww thanks, Nika! It definitely breeds creativity and self-expression – it’s one of the beautiful things about the city. Hope you’re great! :)

  • Super cute! You must wear this out. I have a tutu dress too but I am scared to wear.

    • Thanks, boo! I might today to Harlem’s Fashion Row since it’s so VDay ish. You have to wear it – if anyone can pull it off, you can. Can’t wait to see you in it!

  • Żani

    this skirt is great!. do you know where I can buy it? coz now is out of stock on Asos.com.

  • Zaneta

    Lovely skirt, do you know where I can buy it, coz on asos.com is out of stock

  • Alisha

    I love your red tutu! Your outfit looks beautiful :).

    I recently started my own blog and I hope you want to visit it. The blog is called: http://makemelookglamorous.blogspot.nl


    • Thanks, Alisha! :) Your blog won me over with the Carrie Bradshaw quote and outfit post. Good stuff! xx

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  • Ok, this look is divine Jessica!!! My DIY tulle skirt is a similar color, but now you and Gabi have me wanting another, lol

    • Aww thanks! You know I feel the same way about yours – I’m going to be DIY-ing a ton of skirts now. LOL. So much more affordable and it looked easy!

      • I totally understand, I made two last year!! Now you have me thinking of making another, but I may cheat and find one to buy, instead, lol.

  • Tiffany B.

    Love this look! After reading this story, my friend and I made a tutu for me to wear to a party that I was attending with my BF who wasn’t opposed to it :-) Curious to know, what do you wear underneath your tutu skirts? I wore leggings but didn’t care for the look.

    • Hey Tiffany! Love that you wore a tutu after this post :) I actually wore a pencil skirt under this tutu because it’s see-through. Other than that, I stick with tights.

  • Thanks, Malinda! xo