What I Wore (Birthday Edition): Golden Lady

Dress: ASOS Black | Sunglasses: ASOS | Shoes: Christian Louboutin | Bracelets: Aldo | Leather Jacket: Old (Similar)

My roomie Aisha is pretty wise, and her latest piece of advice is no exception: you have to celebrate yourself. It’s wonderful to feel the love and positive energy from your friends — and I’ve been blessed with great ones — but what does that matter if I don’t take the time to love and appreciate myself?

I kept that in mind as my birthday approached, and I’ve never felt more at peace. It didn’t matter if anyone else acknowledged me; I was happy with me.

I’ve had so many ups and down and challenges this last “personal year”: blogging full-time in lieu of a 9-5 and the uncertainty that comes with that; losing a close family member to cancer; struggling with a living situation that wasn’t positive; being in romantic relationships that weren’t healthy. Prayer, faith and an optimistic outlook got me to the place I am now. A better place. A place of true contentment.

It’s not like everything changed for the better overnight because there was so much change that had to happen on the inside first. But God has really worked on me and I’m blessed to have positive people in my life who encouraged me like my grandmother, my Dad, my Mom and roommates Christina and Aisha. They each helped me through.

Life’s not perfect (by any means!) but it’s fulfilling, rewarding and lived on my own terms. How could I not celebrate that?!

I did a couple things that I love to do for me: went to Transitions Ministry at Brooklyn Tabernacle, listened to some Stevie Wonder (hence the name of this post), did yoga (it really relaxes me!), spent time writing in my journal, bought some new shoes (above)…the little things.

And then, my friends and family celebrated with me!

I had a spa day with my Mom, spent a day walking along the Hudson River with my boyfriend, had dinner with my amazing, loving family and brunch with my great friends.

As for my outfit, a true Glamazon doesn’t skimp on glamour so that day, I pulled out all my boldest, most beloved pieces and threw them on.

I wore an ASOS Black Tulip Dress in spot print, H&M leather jacket, ASOS round sunglasses with pearl highbrow (which I also wore here), Christian Louboutin gold spike pumps and two armfuls of bracelets and tiger earrings my cousin and goddaughter got me from Aldo.

Living my life like it’s golden.

What are the little things you do to celebrate yourself on your birthday, Glamazons? Tell me in the comments.

Dress: ASOS Black | Sunglasses: ASOS | Shoes: Christian Louboutin | Bracelets: Aldo | Leather Jacket: Old (Similar)

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  • Jess, you embody beauty. That dress looks amazing on you and your shoes… wowsa! Fierce! I can hear the peace in this post coming from you and I’m so happy for you. To God be the glory!

    I hope you had the perfect birthday, my love. Wishing you love, successes, and many more blessings this year.

    • thank you so much alicia! i always appreciate your support and you’ve inspired me more than you know. love and blessings to you and adorable aiden too! xoxo

  • This is absolutely beautiful. Seeing your growth firsthand over the past year, I know that all this is coming from a genuine place. God is so good and has blessed you so much. I can’t wait to see what’s next for you! Love you!

    • couldn’t have happened without you! appreciate you so much. you are one of my biggest blessings of last year. and yes, our god is awesome! xo

  • Princessa’s Mom

    OMG…How blessed to be apart of your life. You had me in tears. I love to God’s sunshine shining through his full blossomed rose that he has carefully tended to in His garden. Love the little girl I knew and loving the woman I have come to known. Yes you are a Prov. 31 woman. Enjoy the rest of your day. We love you.

    Princessa and her mom

    • This is so sweet! And Prov 31 woman? How awesome is that! Takes one to know one (ie I learned from you haha). Love you guys too so much! Thank you for my earrings and bracelets too btw. The perfect gifts xoxo

  • Meka

    Hi Jessica! I loved this article! It was honest and inspiring. Keep allowing God to direct you and give you peace. Continue being amazing!

    • Thanks, Meka. So glad you loved it! I have so much to be thankful for that it felt right to share. I will definitely keep him first and go to him for the peace that only he can give. I hope you are doing great as well. Miss you much! xxoo

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