Call The Glambulance: TSA Agents Search Solange Knowles’ Afro Wig

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Pause the beat.

Glamazon Solange Knowles innocently went to the airport yesterday and became the victim of TSA‘s habitual linestepping. When the “Losing You” singer went through security, TSA agents felt the need to search her glorious Afro wig as if her beautiful luscious ‘fro could be a threat to airport security. The poor girl and her Afro wig were patted down like she was hiding weapons of mass destruction between each curl, and (surprise, surprise) when they found nothing but conditioner and hair butter, they sent her on her way.

Solange tweeted through the ordeal and to her credit, managed to keep a sense of humor through it all:

She played a game asking what TSA could find in her ‘fro and the answers were pretty hilarious. Someone even said the wedding ring Jules’ Dad gave her was hiding in there.

In all seriousness though, this truly needs to stop.

Only three weeks ago, when my friend, who wouldn’t hurt a fly, and I were flying to Atlanta, she was asked to remove her wig because TSA was suspicious of what she could be hiding in all those voluminous kinks.

Is the “discrim-fro-nation” as Solange cleverly suggested? I wonder how many women get searched that aren’t African-American, or who have “big” hair that isn’t textured like a ‘fro. Please tell me I’m wrong — and hair is an issue for TSA agents across the board. Because the number of black women, famous or not, who have to deal with their hair being searched by TSA agents is too high for my comfort.

What do you think, Glamazons? Is TSA discriminating against afros and/or women of color?


Glamazon Jessica

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