Would You Wear Political Fashion like Katy Perry and Beyonce?

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Glamazons, am I the only one that’s super anxious and excited for election day tomorrow? All over the nation, Americans are heading to the polls on November 6th to cast their vote for who will run our country for the next four years. And as with any election, it’s super important that everyone votes to have their voices heard.

Some celebrity Glamazons are taking their support to the next level by putting their fame and fashion behind their candidate of choice.

Take Beyonce, for instance, whose like besties with FLOTUS Michelle Obama and even hosted a fundraiser for President Barack Obama at 40/40. She was spotted not once, but twice, in “Obama” hoop earrings by Erika Peña.

I NEED those!

Katy Perry, who performed for The Obamas on her birthday, rocked Obama Minx (so cute!)…

…and a dress that actually showed off her ballot. We’re serious.

She also sported a ‘Forward’ dress which is Obama‘s re-election campaign slogan.

Campaigning with Spandex? Love it!

Stacey Dash took a different approach dressing in a patriotic red hue to support Mitt Romney on Twitter.

She was attacked for her views but I think she should feel free to vote for whichever candidate she chooses. And if she wants to show her support in a red swimsuit, that’s fine too. *Two Snaps and a Circle*

All the political fashion made me contemplate how open we are about our political affiliations. I remember my Mom telling me it was rude to ask people who they are voting for…but these days, we wear it on our t-shirts, dresses, bumper stickers and even our nails.

I’m all for political fashion personally (umm, going to get a mani as we speak!) but it’s not for everyone. Are you into it, Glamazons? Would you wear political fashion? Discuss.


Glamazon Jessica

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