When Did She Wear It Best? Kim Kardashian’s $110 Topshop Waterfall Crop Jacket

Glamazon Kim Kardashian is taking a break from defending her man Kanye West‘s wardrobe malfunctions (ahem) to spend time with her equally gorgeous and very pregnant sister, Kourtney Kardashian. The twosome were spotted in Malibu indulging in a Glamazon’s favorite pastime: shopping. And the ever paparazzi-ready reality star wore what has become my uniform when I’m going for a casual moment: a jacket, a pale pink top, cropped jeans, flats and an Hermes Birkin bag (of course, that last piece isn’t a part of my uniform!). By the way, this isn’t just any jacket. It’s a Topshop waterfall crop jacket that I’ve been eyeing since forevs (ok, a couple of months).

The Topshop jacket features folded lapel waterfall detail in the front that makes it much more special than a regular jacket. I just live for it!

Kim wore it once before, instead going for a more feminine, dressy look. She rocked it in April during her Dominican Republic vacation with a Myne silk dress (we posted on the dress here) and Giuseppe Zanotti metal t-strap sandals.

When did she wear it best?

Of course, being the dressy girly girl that I am, my vote is for her DR moment. How beautiful is that dress! The pairing is just perfection.

Which look gets your vote? Tell us in the comments.

And if you’re in love, pick up the jacket here:





Glamazon Jessica

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