Jewelry Buzz: See Halle Berry’s Gorgeous Emerald Engagement Ring

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It’s Hump Day, Glamazons! Hope you’re making the most of it. I’m spending it indulging in my favorite pastime: shopping. Yes, the Marni for H&M editor event wasn’t enough to feed my addiction. Sigh. I picked up this Asos dress (marked down from $72!) for my DC trip this weekend. Do you love? I also am (still) on the hunt for a fab outfit for Glamazon Channing‘s shindig tomorrow. Should I go for a colorblock moment? Debut some floral pants? Go for a bold shoe? Decisions, decisions. Before I try on everything in my closet (and destroy my room in the process) to come up with an outfit (does anyone else experience this?), I’m going to give you the fashion and beauty news for today. Let’s get to the scoop!

Jessica Biel for W Magazine

The recently-engaged Jessica Biel shows off the beauty that won over Justin Timberlake on the cover of W Magazine. Peep the aptly-titled cover line “Bringing Sexy Back” and sidenote: are full lips still a thing? ::Pouts.:: [Styleite]

John Galliano Back To Work at Schiaparelli?

After John Galliano was unceremoniously fired from Dior following an anti-Semitic rant, the future of his storied career looked grim. Since then, we’ve speculated to the point of exhaustion about every possible designer that could replace him — with little thought about where HE could end up. Now, a year later, we hear that he may find a home at Schiaparelli.Via WWD:

Lam’s departure coincides with continued speculation that John Galliano was in talks with the Italian firm to either do a Tod’s capsule collection or revamp its Schiaparelli brand. However, [chairman Diego] Della Valle firmly dismissed the rumors.

We all know fashion folks dismiss rumors right before breaking the news that the gossip was true all along. Will this be the case with Galliano and Schiaparelli? Should he be welcomed back into the fashion industry with open arms? [The Cut Blog]

Iris Apfel Gets A Jimmy Choo in Her Honor

After hanging out with Glamazon Andrea at the HSN gala, Iris Apfel came home to news that a Jimmy Choo shoe had been designed in her honor. The shoe features brown braided straps and a colorful tassel that Racked points out Apfel probably doesn’t even like (as she named high heels the worst trend in footwear). This quote from Jimmy Choo reps, however, may get her seal of approval. Via The Telegraph: “they’re calling the shoe the “ultimate homage to the grand dame of idiosyncratic fashion” saying it was “inspired by the inimitable style of fashion innovator and doyenne of ethnic embellishment, Iris Apfel.” Way to respect a legend, Jimmy. [Racked]

Conde Nast Enforces Rules For Internship Programs

Conde Nast interns have something to smile about.

Conde Nast recently overhauled its internship program, strictly enforcing the following regulations effective this semester:

• Interns aren’t allowed to stay at the company for more than one semester per calendar year unless granted special clearance by Human Resources.
• Interns are required to do an orientation with HR where they are told to contact them if they are working unreasonably long hours or are mistreated.
• Interns can only work until 7pm and their security badges will actually be modified so that they won’t work after 7pm–meaning they won’t be able to get back into the building after 7 (making any late-afternoon errands or pickups particularly stressful)
• Interns are given stipends (around $550 for the semester)
• Interns have to receive college credit to be eligible for an internship.
• Interns will have to have official mentors
• Interns are only allowed to work on tasks related to the job at hand and no personal errands

I love that mentors are now required. Mentors go a long way in preparing someone to enter the professional field; I am so thankful for mine and grateful for the opportunity to mentor my fave up-and-coming smart fashion girls. But what do you think of these restrictions, Glamazons? [Fashionista]

A $19 Marni for H&M Collar Sold For Almost $500 on eBay

Was this the $500 collar?

What in the fashion retail hell? I thought I was a tad thirsty (and insane) searching dressing rooms for discarded Marni for H&M items at the pre-shopping party but eBay shoppers have me beat by a landslide. Some poor style addict out there actually paid $472 for a $19 Marni for H&M collar. Like, for serious? I’m two seconds away from selling all my purchases on eBay for ridiculous prices (I’m talking, thousands). But I won’t…because I love them.

Anyway, whoever spent half a thousand dollars on a neck collar that originally costed 19 bucks is going to be devastated to hear Marni for H&M returns are happening. And will continue to happen until March 18th as H&M gave shoppers ten days to return Marni pieces. So if you still want a piece of the collection, I totally advise you to stalk the registers at your local H&M instead of the eBay sales listings. Your bank account will thank you. [Madison Avenue Spy]

See Halle Berry’s Emerald Engagement Ring

An understated ring = real love. Obviously.

Well, isn’t this sweet. As I’m sure you know, Olivier Martinez proposed to Halle Berry and for the occasion, he chose a relatively understated emerald ring. Of course, Halle has all the money in the world and could’ve got the most ostentatious stone there is but this ring is special not because of the cost, but the sentimental value. Awww. Details via jeweler Robert Mazlo‘s interview with PeopleStyleWatch:

“The ring is textured and contains codes and symbols which you cannot see … only the person wearing it can. It’s very uncommon. The symbols and codes represent [the couple’s] story and only they can interpret it.”

Are you feeling all warm and fuzzy yet? My birth stone is an emerald so I’m all for this ring. Best wishes to the newly-engaged, unbelievably-handsome couple. [People]

Until tomorrow!


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