Under $100: What To Buy Your Father This Holiday

After I waxed on and on about how great my mother is yesterday, I feel more than obligated to say really nice things about my father. I kiiiid, I kiddd. But, I will say this. My daddy has created huge shoes for my future husband (I’m speaking him into existence now). He’s amazing and I’m blessed to have such a strong example of how a man should be in my life.

Emo moment over, but I said all that to say, this man deserves one special gift. The thing is, he literally has everything that he needs and want he truly wants, yeah, that’s not in my budget. But something $100 is definitely in the budget. Does that sound like you? I have a few suggestions that will be sure to make your father happy this holiday.

Shop below:



And, can we have a round of applause for all the amazing fathers? Clap for ’em!

Stay Stylish,

Glamazon Channing

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