Trend Alert: How To Wear High-Waisted Pants Like Kim Kardashian

Glamazons, just my humble opinion but I’m so over Kim Kardashian‘s divorce shenanigans, it isn’t even funny. In the middle of a divorce proceeding, she’s still all about shilling whatever the latest product is that has her name stamped on it.

Now, while that deserves a complete side eye, I will say that I admire the woman completely for not letting the divorce stop her from looking like a million bucks, literally. Which is more than I can say during my last break-up. I looked a mess for what felt like at least a month.

Not Kim though, she’s been spotted around wearing high-waisted pants and I love it. When worn correctly, high-waisted pants make your waist look tiny and your legs miles long.

However, they can veer into ‘mom jean’ territory when worn with something volumizing on the top so keep the top tailored looking. It will show off the curves for those with hourglass shapes and create curves for those who are lacking.

If you’re still unsure about trying the pants, a high waisted pair of flare jeans will be universally flattering.

Feeling inspired? Shop the looks below:



No but seriously, aren’t you amazed how good Kim looks while going through such an embarrassing thing so publicly?

Stay Stylish,

Glamazon Channing

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