In Honor of Kanye West’s Watch The Throne Skirt: 5 Men We Love In Skirts

I love me some Kanye, man. I do! I love his passion, I love his music and most of all, I love his sense of style. As with everything else in his life, he does– and wears– exactly what he wants. Who cares if it’s an item of clothing typically worn by a women? Certainly not ‘Ye. So are we really surprised that he rocked Madison Square Garden in a skirt?


Kilt, skirt, whatever. In honor of Mr. West’s skirt moment, let’s take a look at four other men that we love who happen to occasionally wear skirts.


Diddy donned a kilt in Glasgow to perform. A kilt is still a skirt, though? No? And doesn’t he somehow make it cool?

Marc Jacobs

Remember when Marc was so fond of wearing skorts, he wore them everywhere? And it was like his signature? And we were all okay with it?

David Beckham

And who could forget when pictures of Becks popped up sexy in a sarong! Who says skirts can’t be manly?

Brad Pitt

While he didn’t sport a skirt in his Rolling Stone spread, he did pose in a sequin freakum dress. So, that should count. Wow, look at those eyes.

Anyway, what do you think of these men baring their legs, Glamazons? Who had the best skirt moment?

My vote might just be for ‘Ye.


Stay Stylish,

Glamazon Channing

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