Glamazon Guide: How To Wear Maxi Skirts In The Winter

My new obsession in life is the maxi skirt. I never thought that I could wear them because Snooki and I are the same height, but maxi dresses and I get along so why not the skirt? Now that I know for sure that we do, I’m not ready to let go of my maxi skirts. If you’re anything like me, you aren’t ready to let go of your maxis either.

We can hang on to our maxis with a few additions: a chunky scarf, sweaters, ballet flats or boots, tights and leather jackets. Layer, layer, layer!

Below are some looks that include winterized maxi skirts for you to shop:



Is this something you will try with your maxis, Glamazons?

Stay Stylish,

Glamazon Channing


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