10 Minutes With: Trey Songz, New Face of Rocawear Evolution Fragrance

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A little info about me? I love a great cologne. Rocawear Evolution fragrance, for which Trey Songz is the spokesperson, is just that.

The scent has top notes of mandarin, mango and rhubarb, middle notes of coffee, incense and nutmeg and base notes of musk, amber and tonka. It’s light and fresh but still musky enough to be sultry and masculine! It’s the perfect scent for a man as it’s clean, sexy and strong without being overbearing.

When I raved on and on about it to the Rocawear rep, she dished that it smells even better on Trey Songz. She was right.

The scent was the perfect match for the R&B star, who spoke with me about everything from his starring role in new film, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3-D, to what scents he loves on a woman. And can I just say he smelled like heaven? (We were thisclose on the couch as you can see above; I am a lucky woman!)

Read on for our steamy interview:

Glamazon Jessica: Why are you the perfect fit for this fragrance?

Trey Songz: The campaign, even before the fragrance, was evolution. When I first began to be the face of the Rocawear brand, I thought the fact that it was about evolving was very parallel to my career and my sense of style, the way I’ve grown from the beginning of my career to now. Looking at Rocawear in the early stages, [it evolved from] oversized t-shirts, jeans, Rocawear logos real big on every article of clothing (laughs) to now being urban chic, tailored. Every detail is very much that of high-end clothing if you will; it goes through the same process that a Ralph Lauren project would go through.

And moving on to the fragrance, it was very masculine yet very subtle at the same time, not intrusive. And I think those are some character traits that describe myself. I would try the samples at my meet-and-greets in Australia and Europe and see how many people tell me I smell good. (laughs)

I’m excited about it because I’m in 30 pages of every magazine and 50 feet big in Times Square. (laughs) It’s the first time Jay-Z hasn’t been a part of the campaign so for him to put that trust in me, it says something to my character and what I mean to the game at this point.

GJ: What appeals to women and how is that captured in the fragrance?

TS: Clearly, a woman loves a man that smells good. Women have a great appreciation for style and fragrances are a piece of style just as much as the clothes they’re wearing. Evolution is like that perfect mixture of a strong scent but yet still soft and subtle. When I wear it, I feel a little more confident. I’m a confident man already but it definitely gives that extra boost.

GJ: What scents do you like on a woman?

TS: My favorite scent right now is Coco Chanel. Very classy, but classic as well. Just like Evolution for Men, it’s not too much. It’s very sexy.

GJ: What can we expect from you in the future? You’ve done music, fashion, fragrances, what’s next?

TS: Whatever God has planned for me. It’s all about hard work and determination. Every year has been better than my last and every album [has done] better than my last. I’m embarking on new endeavors every chance I get.

I just did Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3-D coming out next year. I’m working on a new album entitled Chapter 5. Music will always be my first love. I’m going to South Africa and I’m elated about it. I’m taking my mother and family. That trip will be very instrumental in what this next album will be.

GJ: Describe your recent tour in Guyana you tweeted about. How was that experience?

TS: I performed in Guyana at a Cricketer stadium and to see all those people there in a place so far away that I’ve never been, it’s always mind-blowing. As somebody that this initially started off as a dream for, it never stops being surreal. Especially when you go far away and everyone is singing every word. The bigger the moment, the more humbling it is just to know that all of this is possible. And I know that none of it is because of me, I was given the talent but it’s a blessing each step of the way that the Lord gives me.

GJ: What are your favorite songs that you love to perform?

TS: Neighbors Know My Name is a song that everyone is always excited to hear. As of late, Love Faces; that’s a great record. The club anthems: Bottoms Up, Say Ahhh. Successful is always a record I love to perform because it’s an inspirational moment in the show. Gotta Make It since that’s my first record.

GJ: What does your dream girl look like in terms of style? Is she glamorous? Is she a tomboy? Does she wear a lot of makeup?

TS: Less is more. There’s an appropriate time for getting glammed up and every woman deserves that moment to get made up and look as beautiful as she wants to. But I also love a woman who can appreciate humor and silly moments and be tomboy-esque as well as feminine. Confidence is sexy. I love independent women but I also love for independent women to let a man be a man. In terms of looks, I love all women.

Ugh. Don’t you just LOVE him?

The Rocawear Evolution fragrance is available now in department stores and retails for $35 (for 1 fl oz), $52 (for 1.7 fl oz), $67 (for 3.3 fl oz) and $16 (for 2.6 oz deodorant stick).

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Glamazon Jessica

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