Which Way Do You Normally Wear Your Hair During The Summer? Curly Or Straight?

Eileen of MissWhoeverUAre and I at a birthday gathering.

OK, so there’s really no need to talk anymore about how freakin’ hot it is. Pretty much everyone across the U.S. is currently in the midst of a heatwave and believe me when I say that here in New York, we’re definitely feeling it. Unlike most summers in which I attend everyone’s BBQ’s, rooftop parties and every other gathering in-between (diet and exercise be damned!), I’ve been going in pretty hardcore with both. Alright, so let me rephrase that to say when I say “hardcore” I mean that I’ve been working out at least 4 times a week (a combo of bikram yoga and cardio) as well as cutting back on the amount of fast food/junk food/soul food that I normally consume. (Yeah, I kinda fell off while in Texas and New Orleans but it was during the Fourth Of July/Essence Music Festival weekend so don’t judge me hahaha.)


Rocking hair extensions plus testing out new products at a beauty event.


As a result of all this heat wave/work out business has caused me to think about how I normally wear my hair. Most folks that know me know that I prefer to wear my naturally curly hair straight. (Disclaimer: I rely very heavily on heat protectant But, if you’ve never been to a bikram yoga class, you know that you literally sweat out every single pore of your body (including your scalp) so there’s no point in actually straightening your hair. This means that I’ve been rocking my naturally curly hair every day. Ahhhh! So crazy to me because I’m so used to wearing it straight. While I do love my curly hair, I like it straight even more so it’s definitely been a serious journey for me to not bust out the blow dryer/flat iron every week. I’ve also worn extensions so as not to have to worry about doing my hair, but I’ve found that when I leave them in for too long, they break my hair off.

Hanging out with my bestie Elaine at a pool party and desperately trying NOT to get my hair wet lol.

I did break down and straighten it last weekend and noticed that it’s seriously growing (which is great!) but I’ve found that I’m falling in love all over again with a new (curly) look that I forgot I had. While I can’t promise that I won’t straighten it ever again, I can say that I’ve been having fun rocking my natural hair texture and encourage all of you to do it sometime. But, I do have to ask the question for those of you naturally curly Glamazons out there: which look do you prefer to rock? Curly or straight?

OH and you know I can’t end this post without sharing some of my favorite curly hair products:




Glamazon Andrea


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