Ferocia’s Newest Hair Product Obsessions That Are So Cheap It’s Disgusting!


Wow! What a blur these past couple of weeks have been for me. I swear that most days I’d much rather be at home sitting on my couch in my Victoria’s Secret PINK sweatpants, glasses and my laptop. However, I was quite excited the other day to shed my usual day gear, put away my MAC and head over to the Suave pop-up store in Union Square to meet actress Emmy Rossum and check out the new line of styling products from Suave!

Rossum, who was hand on at the pop store to greet consumers and ask them to take “The Suave Challenge”  was nice enough to give each blogger/editor in attendance a personal interview with her to talk about whatever. I did get one of the publicists to record the video on my Bloggie, but other people in attendance at the event obvs didn’t realize my VIP status and talked during the whole interview which means that you can hardly hear the interview! Ugh. I know. Serious blogger fail. However, Emmy didn’t say anything too groundbreaking..well, she did mention that if she doesn’t travel with healthy snacks she’s liable to fall victim to the occasional McDonald’s pit stop! See, it’s true that celebrities ARE just like us hahaha.


OK, on to the news!  Now, let’s be honest: Suave has never been one of the most outstanding drugstore haircare brands to me. Body maybe. But hair? Never! However, after testing out this new crop of styling products I can honestly say that this stuff is the truth. I’ve been using them non-stop since getting my hands on ’em and even introduced them to another hairstylist friend of mine that couldn’t even believe that Suave has created such upscale products for so cheap! Here are a couple of my faves:

Suave Professionals Touchable Finish Lightweight Hold Hairspray ($2.69-$2.99)

Now, just as much as I love bronzer, I also love hairspray (as all of you Glamazons know!) However, this hairspray has replaced my coveted Bumble and Bumble Spray de Mode as my go to everyday holding spray. It provides me with super light hold (just like it promises!) and smells divine. It also contains a humidity defense complex that smoothes away frizz and flyaways.


Suave Professionals Vibrant Shine Spray ($2.69-$2.99)

If your hair is anything like mine, then it can be drier than the Sahara desert and can always use an extra boost of shine. This Shine Spray (which boasts small diamond-like molecules of shine just like the Sebastian Trilliant Spray). What  I like most about it (besides the fact that it obvs gives my strands major shine) is that it’s not greasy and doesn’t weigh my hair down.

Suave Professionals Dry Shampoo ($2.69-$2.99)

Never one to use a dry shampoo ever in life (to be honest, I never understood the point and never realized that there could be one on the market that didn’t leave white residue in my hair…ew!) but this stuff is amazing. As dry as my hair can get, it’s usually only towards the ends. However, my roots can get really greasy and the dry shampoo works to soak up all of the excess oils. (It’s kind of like how astringent works for your face when it gets oily.) As an added bonus, it also gives you extra volume which I love because my hair is fine and can sometimes get rather flat in the top. This dry shampoo is colorless and leaves no residue behind plus it leaves behind a really nice scent.

Each of the new Suave Professionals Styling products are available for purchase now and can be found at a drugstore near you. Visit CanYouTell.com to take “The Suave Challenge” for yourself and see if you can’t tell the difference between the high-end products and Suave. You can also get styling tips and tricks on their FaceBook page!

What do you think of these new products and the brands collaboration with Emmy Rossum, Glamazons? Has anyone tried any of them yet?!



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