MAGAZINE GLAM OR SHAM?: Diddy in His Underwear for GQ Magazine

Diddy never fails to entertain me! His latest stunt is a feature for GQ Magazine in which he swings on a chandelier with his crotch in full view.

While I could have lived without seeing Diddy’s drawers, I love the energy of the shot. The article, by contrast, takes a serious turn as the music mogul reflects on his father’s murder and his mother’s influence in his life:

On finding out his father was murdered and was one of Harlem’s leading drug dealers:
“I had looked up my father’s name, and I saw an article about my mother wearing a full length chinchilla to a funeral and taking me, and I was in a mink, and the story was of the glamour and the decadence of our family, and how he was the kingpin of Harlem, and how he had got assassinated. I understood why my mother didn’t tell me the truth because where I was living, I probably would have been one of the biggest drug dealers out there. The type of person I am, I would have wanted to follow in my father’s footsteps.”
On his mother being a big influence:
“My mother is why I am, who I am today. People can say what they want to say, but I just represent being sucker free, working hard and being positive. I don’t hate on nobody, I’m not a negative individual. I just wake up and I go for mine and I try to work the hardest I can work. I could have gone a lot of different routes, but I decided to go the route of hard work.”
On the motivation to continue after all his success:
“The motivation is to be better. There’s been room for improvement for me as a recording artist even as a producer, as a man, as a mogul. It’s not even about greed or ‘when will he stop?’ because I’m just not going to. I’m not going to stop, probably ever. It’s a love; it’s not money because the money has been achieved.
Deep. What do you think of that photo? Will you pick up the issue?
Photo/Quotes: Rap Radar via YBF

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  1. How To Become A Fashion Wardrobe Stylist says:

    There is something very creepy "flasher" about this. I'm feeling really violated….Lol… Lord help Diddy!!! He's trying so hard to stay relevant but it's coming across so wrong and weird.


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